Whistleblowing Policy was established as guidance for every employee and any third parties (“the Whistleblower”) that have business relation with Bank Simpanan Nasional (“the Bank”) to disclose any information against irregular, illegal, unethical and any other wrongdoings that could lead to Improper Conduct.


“Improper conduct” constitutes an inappropriate, unethical or unlawful behaviour and/or practices by Bank or its personnel, which if proved, constitutes a disciplinary and/or criminal offence as provided under the law, regulations, BSN Code of Ethics and/or contract of employment or engagement, as the case may be. These conducts shall include, but not limited to:

  1. Corruption, criminal and/or other unlawful act that has been, is being or is likely to be committed.
  2. A personnel that has failed, refused or neglected to comply with any internal policies and procedures and / or related laws and regulations to which the personnel is subjected to.
  3. Matters referred under Item (a) and (b) which has been, is being or is likely to be intentionally hidden from being discovered.
  4. Any situation in which the personnel is involved is contrary to his/her obligations, duties and would be of conflict of interest to BSN.
  5. Any other action that may cause significant harm to BSN and/or to any of its personnel.


Who to submit your complaint to?

  • Integrity Complaint Management (ICM)


Key Responsibilities

  • Facilitate in the preliminary inquiry process and providing due protection to whistleblower.
  • Propose the necessary recommendation whether the complaint made by whistleblower exist or otherwise.
  • The decision of committee must be by the voice of majority. 


How to write a report?

  • Print Complaint Form here.
  • Complete the form. 
  • Submit to the Integrity Complaint Management (ICM).
  • Receive acknowledgement from Integrity Complaint Management (ICM). 


Send your complaint /info misconduct via one of the below platforms:

If you would like to read on the statement of Whistleblowing Policy, please click here for further information.