From 1 July 2017 onwards, all credit and debit card payments at Point-Of-Sale (POS) terminals in Malaysia will be approved using a 6-digit PIN. You are required to activate your credit card and set PIN for your new card immediately before usage. 


Simply follow the steps in your Card Mailer or refer to the instructions below to get started. 


(Applicable to new Cardmembers creating PIN for the first time or to change PIN)

myBSN Internet Banking


BSN Branch

  1. First-time User

    Step 1: Click "Register" on the top right corner of BSN's homepage to get started.
    Step 2: Upon successful registration, proceed to Step (ii) below.

  2. Existing myBSN User 
    Step 1: Log in to myBSN
    Step 2: Select "Manage Account" > "Credit Card Settings" > Select Credit Card Number and "Submit" > Enter "New PIN" > Confirm PIN > Click "Request OTP" > EnterOTP.

    Tick "Yes" at the checkbox and "Submit" 

You will receive a message upon successful PIN creation. 

One-Time Password (OTP) shall be sent to your registered mobile number. If you did not received your OTP, kindly call the number at the back of your card. 

You are required to use your registered mobile number with the Bank: 

Step 1: Type BSNPIN <space> IC No <space> Last 4-digits of your Credit Card No. and send to 66300

Example: BSNPIN 800703077777 3456

Step 2: Receive your Temporary PIN via SMS

Step 3: Change your Temporary PIN to your Permanent PIN at any BSN ATM within 24 hours*

Select Language > Enter Temporary PIN > Select "PIN Change" > Enter Permanent PIN > Confirm Permanent PIN

*Temporary PIN is valid for 24 hours only. If expired, kindly repeat the above steps. 

Please bring along your NRIC and new BSN Credit Card for verification purpose.

IMPORTANT: Your credit card will be automatically activated once your PIN has been successfully created. 


(Applicable to existing Cardmembers with a PIN)


  1. Type BSNACT<space>NRIC<space>Last 4-digits of your Credit Card No.
    Example: BSNACT 790416123456 1234 
  2. Send to 66300

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You are advised to replace your old Debit Card immediately with the new PIN & PAY debit card at any BSN branch to avoid any disruption to the usage of your Card. Card replacement is FREE for the first time. Your new Debit Card is PIN enabled, comes with a contactless feature and carries the MyDebit logo.

Please bring along your existing Debit Card and NRIC / Authority Card (for Army or Police personnel)/ Passport (for non-citizens). Your new card will be issued instantly. Your will also be able to select your preferred PIN using the PIN Pad device at our branches. The preferred PIN selected will be your permanent PIN.


Using your PIN enabled card at Petrol Stations

You will need to enter your 6-digit PIN when making payment using your card to pump petrol at outdoor self-service kiosk or terminals. If you do not know your PIN, you will not be able to use your card.
Note: A pre-authorisation amount of RM200 will be debited from your account when you pay for your petrol at self-service pumps. The amount will then be reversed and the actual amount will be charged once the bank receives the actual settlement within 3 days. You are advised to pay at the cashier indoor to avoid the pre-authorisation holding.

Card Usage Overseas

Please ensure you have a PIN for your card before leaving Malaysia. For countries that have not yet migrated to PIN, you may still sign for verification to use your card for payment. Although the standard for payment card PINs in Malaysia is 6 digits, the standard in some overseas markets is a 4 digit PIN. When travelling overseas, you may encounter a problem using if the terminal restricts PIN entry to 4 digits. In this situation, you have two choices:

  • Firstly, request the retailer to bypass the PIN entry and complete they payment by signature.
  • If this is not possible, or the retailer refuses to allow signature, then you must opt for a different payment method.


  • For new Cardmembers, your credit card will be automatically activated once your PIN has been successfully created.
  • For existing Cardmembers who have already created a PIN, you just need to activate your Card.
  • For Supplementary Cardmember, please request the Principal Cardmember to preset the PIN on your behalf using the same method as above.
  • Please have your PIN ready before travelling overseas.
  • No PIN is required for contactless transactions less than RM250.
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