Be alert to possible fraudulent requests for personal details or advance payments made by unknown parties who purport to represent BSN by phone, fax, email or in person.

Here are some tips on how to protect yourself against Phishing:

What you should do?
  • Never log in from the email link. Manually type the correct URL address which is or
  • If you might have responded to an SMS, email or phone scam, contact your bank immediately.
  • Update the web browser that has built-in Phishing filters.
  • Take precautions when giving out any confidential information (including your credit card number) over the internet/phone or any other channels.
Things to avoid
  • DO NOT reveal your account information, ATM card number, PIN number, login ID, password and TAC to a 3rd party.
  • DO NOT entertain calls or respond to SMS or email from an unknown person asking for your information.
  • DO NOT respond to requests to update third-party TAC mobile numbers.
  • DO NOT proceed if the online image for your online banking is not your selected image.

If you have received any such activity, please inform us immediately at 1300 88 1900 or +603 2613 1900 (Overseas), or email