Money mules are people who serve as intermediaries for criminals and criminal organisations. Mule accounts are typically used to receive and transfer the proceeds from fraud activities such as phishing scams or SMS / Phone scams.

In the current scenario, the syndicate will phish the internet banking users from other Banks to transfer the money using an instant transfer facility (DuitNow service) into mule accounts. The money mule will then perform multiple withdrawals using the ATM or transfer to another mule account.

What you should do?
  • Never answer messages or give positive follow-up to telephone calls promising you large amounts of money in exchange for sharing your bank account number or requesting that you carry out international transactions for someone.
  • Never share your account details with anyone unless you know who they are.
  • Don't open a new bank account to receive and transfer money from people you don't know anything about.
  • Not influenced or entertain any international job adverts that promises you a high salary for just a few hours of working from home.

If you have received any such activity, please inform us immediately at 1300 88 1900 or +603 2613 1900 (Overseas), or email