BSN is committed in serving our customers, collaborating with our partners, and conducting business in accordance with the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and good governance. To reinforce this commitment, BSN adopts the GECHP.

  • Gift is defined as cash money or cash equivalents, shares, stocks and other securities, jewellery, free fares, lottery tickets, travelling and lodging facilities, entertainment expenses, services, club membership, any form of commission, hampers, promotional items, gift cards / vouchers / certificates, loans, transportation, vacations and weekend excursions tickets to any event including sports, music, or cultural events, movable / immovable properties, home improvements, decorative items, any item of high value and any form of compensation and benefit.
  • Entertainment is defined as any activity which involves participation by both BSN personnel/representative and a third party such as current or prospective customer, business partner, supplier or public/government official. The activity includes but not limited to entertainment meals, leisure travels, concerts, recreational activities, sport events and vacations.
  • Corporate hospitality is defined as anything given from one organisation to another, where the appointed personnel/ representative of each organisation commits the act of giving and/or receiving items including promotional items given out by any of parties involved, or items given out at public events, trade shows, exhibitions and/or any form of event as a part of branding activity. The item may be given openly and transparently with implicit or explicit approval of all parties involved and bears the name and logo of the giver such as diaries, pens, table calendars, badge, notepads, plaques, bags, key chains and flags.


This Policy applies to BSN Directors and their immediate family members, Shariah Committee Members and their immediate family members, all BSN employees and their immediate family members, and agents acting on behalf of the BSN.

  • Immediate family members is defined as the spouse of the person, the brother or sister of the person, the brother or sister of the spouse of the person, or any lineal ascendant or descendant of the person.


Gifts can be seen as a bribe which may tarnish BSN's reputation or potentially exposes BSN to be in violation of anti-bribery and corruption laws. Directors, Shariah Committee members, employees and external parties are to avoid conflict of interests at all times in an on-going potential business dealing.


If there's a concern about either employee, agent, or representative of BSN in connection with the giving and receiving of Gifts and Entertainment, such concerns can be raised by sending an email to This channel is available to all employees, vendors, and business partners to raise their concerns. All concerns raised are taken seriously and, where appropriate, shall be investigated in detail.