Welcome to the world of fun and active Savings!


    Welcome to the world of fun and active Savings!


With BSN Smart Junior, you can watch your savings grow PLUS and join our BSJ Incentive Program. In this Program, you will receive monthly reward points based on savings, participation in exciting activities/ programs and academic or sports achievements.


  • Open to students aged 7-20 years old.

  • Open to Malaysian citizen only.
  • BSN GIRO-i Account Holder.
  • Completed BSN Smart Junior Application Form (duly signed by parents / guardian).

Your BSN Smart Junior membership is based on the following 3 tiers of minimum savings earmarked of your savings:

Tier 1


Tier 2


Tier 3


  • To enjoy BSN Smart Junior profit rates, member must ensure that they maintain minimum balance of RM160* in their account at all times. *RM150 will be freeze and RM10 as minimum balance in the account.
  • You are allowed to perform a maximum of 1 withdrawal per month in order to receive the effective rate. If there is more than 1 withdrawal transaction in the same month, the calculation of profit rate will be based on BSN GIRO-i Account profit rate.
  • Members may terminate their membership only after one year by completing the termination form.
  • Parent/Guardian is required to sign the termination form for members aged 18 years and below.
  • Automatic termination of BSN Smart Junior members will occur when members turn 21 years old.


    • Customers are advised to read and understand the Terms and Conditions for BSN Smart Junior.
    • All BSN's Deposit products are guaranteed by the Malaysian Government.
    • View all banking rates.
    • View all fees & charges.
    • Terms & Conditions apply. 


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